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Business Formation

Starting a business with a proper legal foundation is essential. Missing out on limited liability or making a an undesirable method of incorporation are common mistakes made when creating a business.

Elwell an Spain, can help guide you through the process of starting a successful business, including the filing of required documents with the Secretary of State, creating an operating agreement that works for you and your business partners, and helping you find qualified third-parties, such as experienced CPAs. 


business planning and general counsel

Once your business is up and running, you may find that legal support is necessary to help with crucial decision making. Elwell and Spain can review contracts and employment agreements, and help companies strategize for future growth, including identifying areas of potential liability. 

Elwell and Spain can also protect a company's non-tangible assets whether through non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, or trademarks. 


business succession planning

What happens when you are ready to retire? Elwell and Spain can help identify and implement a plan that achieves your goals for your company. These plans may include family members, employees, or outside groups.